Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Always be considerate of others.

Always be considerate of others
In a chaotic city there lived a man who had NO home. The homeless man named Matthew would often stand at the end of a dark, dirty alleyway. In front of him there would occasionally be an old food container from the fish and chip shop across the road containing some crumbs and a smear of tomato sauce.. Matthew would wave and smile at every car or person that went past, he patted dogs that were being walked by but their owners would often pull the leash quickly.

Matthew had frizzy, dark brown hair. He wore a grey t-shirt with holes, stained dark blue jeans and strapless Roman sandals that made his toes hang over the edge.  His attitude was dependant on his mood. Sometimes Matthew would feel depressed and people would feel sorry for him, so they would drop a few twenty cents into his carton. At the end of the day, in the evening he would peer into his container and count how much money he had collected.

Matthew would often daydream about the life he would have if he didn’t live on the town footpath. He knew every car that went past, but one day he noticed a new car, that held a man that was dressed in an immaculate dark blue suit. Beside him sat a young boy by the name of Alexander. Alexander was part of a very wealthy and posh family. His silky smooth hair was parted and gelled to the side. Alexander wore his top neatly tucked into his trousers and wore white knee high socks under his polished black school shoes. Alexander looked like he didn’t care about poor people and people that lived on the pathways but on the inside he did, he wanted to help the people that didn’t have the same life he did.

So each day he would think of ways that he could help Matthew. One sunny afternoon Alexander got an idea he thought of taking him back to his house. He stopped by the dairy and he stood in front of Matthew. “Get up, you’re coming to stay at my house, no arguments”. They started walking and when they got to thehouse, Matthew’s brain exploded he’d never seen something so amazing. They got inside and Alexander’s parents froze in fear. “Who is this person?” They screamed at their son. “Get out!” They pushed Matthew furiously out the door and slammed it shut. Standing outside Matthew could hear all the words coming out of Alexander’s parents mouths. Alexander stood up for Matthew and started explaining why he should stay in the house.

The house went dead silent. Matthew pretended that he didn’t hear anything they said so he began walking to the end of the footpath. The door opened Alexander’s mum told him to come back. He walked back miserably. Alexander took him up to his dad’s room and took one of his dark blue, designer suits and told Matthew to put it on. He came out of the bedroom looking like he wasn’t found on the street but as though he belonged in a highly sophisticated restaurant. He trembled his way down the glass case stairs. Alexander’s parents were shocked to see the transformation. Alexander’s Dad said “ You can stay for a little while.” His heart was racing, Matthew knew this would be the life he had always dreamed of..

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