Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Always be considerate of others.

Always be considerate of others
In a chaotic city there lived a man who had NO home. The homeless man named Matthew would often stand at the end of a dark, dirty alleyway. In front of him there would occasionally be an old food container from the fish and chip shop across the road containing some crumbs and a smear of tomato sauce.. Matthew would wave and smile at every car or person that went past, he patted dogs that were being walked by but their owners would often pull the leash quickly.

Matthew had frizzy, dark brown hair. He wore a grey t-shirt with holes, stained dark blue jeans and strapless Roman sandals that made his toes hang over the edge.  His attitude was dependant on his mood. Sometimes Matthew would feel depressed and people would feel sorry for him, so they would drop a few twenty cents into his carton. At the end of the day, in the evening he would peer into his container and count how much money he had collected.

Matthew would often daydream about the life he would have if he didn’t live on the town footpath. He knew every car that went past, but one day he noticed a new car, that held a man that was dressed in an immaculate dark blue suit. Beside him sat a young boy by the name of Alexander. Alexander was part of a very wealthy and posh family. His silky smooth hair was parted and gelled to the side. Alexander wore his top neatly tucked into his trousers and wore white knee high socks under his polished black school shoes. Alexander looked like he didn’t care about poor people and people that lived on the pathways but on the inside he did, he wanted to help the people that didn’t have the same life he did.

So each day he would think of ways that he could help Matthew. One sunny afternoon Alexander got an idea he thought of taking him back to his house. He stopped by the dairy and he stood in front of Matthew. “Get up, you’re coming to stay at my house, no arguments”. They started walking and when they got to thehouse, Matthew’s brain exploded he’d never seen something so amazing. They got inside and Alexander’s parents froze in fear. “Who is this person?” They screamed at their son. “Get out!” They pushed Matthew furiously out the door and slammed it shut. Standing outside Matthew could hear all the words coming out of Alexander’s parents mouths. Alexander stood up for Matthew and started explaining why he should stay in the house.

The house went dead silent. Matthew pretended that he didn’t hear anything they said so he began walking to the end of the footpath. The door opened Alexander’s mum told him to come back. He walked back miserably. Alexander took him up to his dad’s room and took one of his dark blue, designer suits and told Matthew to put it on. He came out of the bedroom looking like he wasn’t found on the street but as though he belonged in a highly sophisticated restaurant. He trembled his way down the glass case stairs. Alexander’s parents were shocked to see the transformation. Alexander’s Dad said “ You can stay for a little while.” His heart was racing, Matthew knew this would be the life he had always dreamed of..

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Fairytale -Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there lived in a certain village a little country girl, the prettiest creature was ever seen. Her mother was excessively fond of her; and her grandmother doted on her still more.

One day Little Red Riding Hood was making her way through the forest, to deliver muffins to her grandmother. The trees shadows lingered onto the pebble pathway. The wind whistled wildly. Up ahead came the little cottage that Little Red Riding Hoods granny lived in. The cottage was old, with dead plants hanging from broken wood off the worn canopy. As Little red riding hood stepped onto the creaky canopy her granny swung the door open. “Hi!” Said Granny excitedly, Little Red Riding Hood trembled in.

She was wearing a dark black jumper and dark blue jeans. Her eyes were a dark, shady brown and her hood was overlapping her face. They heard noises that made shivers run down  their spines. It came from all directions. Then it jumped into the cottage it made a big hole in the floor and howled. It was a wolf. As it climbed out granny got prepared with an old  baseball bat, that  she used to play with when she was a kid. She took a big hit, then a few more just to top it off.  

Little Red Riding Hood witnessed it all she couldn’t believe her eyes. Then there was a knock on the door. Granny opened the door anxiously, it was the woodsmen he was chopping a tree a few metres away and heard and awful howl. Granny was hoping that he wouldn’t notice the gigantic hole in the floor and the baseball bat granny was holding in her hand.
The woodsmen takes notice of the room, his eyes gazed intriguingly. Then his eyes stopped as he saw Little Red and not only that was he amazed by he saw a wolf helplessly lay on the wood floor. He knew straight away that it was granny well it was pretty obvious she was holding the bat. He shouted in her face “ I’m calling the police.” He dial the number nervously, a deep manly tone answered “Hello, how can I help you.”
“ Aaah I’d like to report a murder!” The phone cut out and in an instant the police were at the front door. In a stern tone he said to his officers “ Boys,we have a murder case to solve.”  When he saw the baseball he put it in a long white clear paper bag. A few hours into it Granny got asked to the station. “ We seem to have a witness that says that you were holding a baseball bat and seemed tense and anxious.” The room was silent.
Granny asked “ Where is Little Red.”  “ She is getting interviewed in another room.”
A few days later the crime scene now became an empty cottage because it was the day of court. The courtroom filled up with nothing but chatter about Granny and whether she was innocent or guilty. The judge walked in. The level of noise lowered.

The judge hit the brown gavel once. He started talking to the audience about what is happening, He asks the defendant to stand up which was granny. The Judge was asking Granny “ What exactly happened.” Granny answered “ Well it was a sunny,cloudy afternoon when my Little Red came to deliver her muffins that she bakes me. When we heard noises we started to panic so I grabbed the baseball bat for protection. Then the judge demanded and said “ Carry On.” Said Granny cleared her throat and explained “ Then the wolf jumped in and I hit him once…” The judge stopped her and he said to her sternly you are charged with murder also you are sentenced to life in prison.

So from this day on Granny lives the rest of her life in prison.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Guess Who

WALT: Use sell not tell

Alexus-  “Pass to me.” They all gather together in a group, wanting the ball. “Space out.” yells the parents from the sideline. She takes her aim and takes her shot. “Yeahh!!” Everyone cheers while the girls get back into position. The whistle blows, everyone runs eagerly wanting the bumpy, white, circular shaped ball. Intercepting all the throws making sure that their team has the ball. “Ding-Ding.” halftime the scores are drawn. Swapping positions around they catch a glimpse of the other teams positions. Tall girls get put out on the court. Parents yell “Get the ball back.” in a determined tone of voice.

Sam Gyup Sal- Compare and Contrast

The Justice League used the information in "Sam Gyup Sal" by Kat Temitope to complete a comparison between a Korean and a Kiwi Barbecue.

The world is connected in many ways such as through imports and exports, technology and food. Many people when they migrate to another country take their customs, traditions and food with them. Wherever you go in Auckland you have the opportunity to eat the cuisine of many different countries. One cuisine you could try is Korean, and in particular a Korean barbecue. We are comparing a Korean BBQ with a traditional Kiwi BBQ.

Grill - Tvisha and Theo
Both Korea and New Zealand cook their meat on a grill. Kiwi BBQ’s traditionally cook on a rectangular gas, electric or charcoal grill. Kiwi’s always cook a barbecue outdoors to prevent fires. Korean BBQ grills are circular and placed inside a table indoors. Kiwi barbecues are safer than Korean barbecues due to being outside away from flammable materials.

Pork - Joshua and Shreyas
Both Korean BBQ and Kiwi BBQ involve pork. While Korean BBQ uses small chunks of pork and fat, Kiwi BBQs predominantly use sausages. The Sam gyup sal uses less of the pig than sausages as sausages could include any part of the animal. On the other hand, the pork in Sam gyup sal just uses the belly of the pig. The benefits of using sausages over Sam gyup sal is that it's more economical as they don't waste any part of the pig.

Condiments and Sides - Alexus
A Kiwi BBQ and a Korean BBQ are similar in that they come with a range of condiments and side dishes. A Kiwi BBQ’s sides and condiments include the traditional Watties tomato sauce, mustard, Watties BBQ sauce, onions and coleslaw. However in a Korean BBQ the sides and condiments are egg pancakes, kimchi, pieces of yellow radish, spring onions and crab. Korean BBQ seems to have more of a variety of food to eat meaning that you can customise your meal to your own preference.

Serving - Charlotte and Kristy
Both Korea and New Zealand have different ways of serving their meats and salads when having a BBQ. In Korea for a BBQ they serve their food in a lettuce leaf, and then fill the lettuce leaf with pork, and whatever types of sides that they would like. However in New Zealand the meat and sides are usually served in rolls or buns. Korean BBQ’s are much healthier than a Kiwi BBQ, this is because they eat less bread. Korean BBQ is also gluten free.

Conclusion -
Overall Korean and Kiwi BBQs have a lot of similarities when it comes to how they cook the meat, what meat they use, what condiments and sides they have and how they serve their food. Food is a way of connecting with the world, not only through migration but through imports and exports. As Martin Luther King once said “Before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world“. In Auckland we have many different restaurants that serve many different cuisines such as Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, Indian and many more. We are lucky to have such variety and be able to connect with cultures from around the world.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Show Not Tell

Walt: Use Show not Tell

Alexus - Precariously I swung my way down to the ground. I made my way through the concrete jungle, wondering what was going on? Hesitantly I crept around. I came to a stop where I could smell food. The delicious scent dragged me to a halt. I came face to face with a giant rectangular plank. Tumbling my way through the wooden plank, I came across a strange place. I could hear a lot of noises from the unusual creatures within. I looked around with amazement wondering what things were about?  My eyes caught a glimpse of creatures that were swimming around in water. Looking around I saw hairless apes eating their food. Making my way through, I was looking around at all the puzzled faces. I watched the sun go round and round. The twinkling lights dazzled from above. I returned home where no strange creatures were found.